Published poems


Clamor –

Mercury, Retrograde

The Hour of the Star is Here


The East Bay Review –



The Potomac  –

The Open Dishwasher

Sick Talk


Jai-Alai Magazine 

Sunday 3

Sunday 4


Empty Mirror Books-

The Stories of Bedtime

Normal Things

The Cows


Red Savina Review  –


Morning Feed

The Suffering Game


Pea River Review  – 

Yellow Tomatoes



Silver Birch Press – 

Oh, Zelda

Said and Done


Smoking Glue Gun Magazine- 



Zócalo Poets – 

La librería que recomendaste

Sí mi patrón

Te lo vi

Ahora se espera


East Coast Ink Magazine – 


Oh, Zelda


Big River Poetry Review –

Espíritu Santo


A Literation Magazine – 


How Others Do It


Elephant Journal –

Bikram Love Triangle


The Furious Gazelle – 

Late Night Poem




CutBank Literary Journal – 

The Woodshop “Where I Work”


Really Systems – 

Another Airport Poem


Aviary Review – 

A Notion of Marriage


Actuary Lit –

Book Review: Herta Muller’s “The Appointment”


Dagda Publishing – 

A Girlfriend for Prufrock

The Napkin Trick

Our Brief Record


Ghost House Review – 

Morning Feed

Soft Landings and Quick Bites


Toasted Cheese Literary Journal – 

The Napkin Trick


Eunoia Review – 


A Girlfriend for Prufrock

The Clothesmaker


The Fat City Review –

Overdue Love Letter


We Drink Because We’re Poets – 

New Computer


VerseWrights – 

A Notion of Marriage

Chew You

Breakfast Meeting

Life Things

Sorry Afterthought

The Feeling of Being Hungover


Yellow Tomatoes

Said and Done


Pilgrims Poems –


Tragedy at Sushi Siam


Kumquat Poetry –

The Clothesmaker

Cuarto de Hotel Moderno

My Nudity in All its Forms

Bathroom Talk

Babies on Planes


Boston Poetry Magazine –


A Girlfriend for Prufrock

The Clothesmaker


The Paperbook Collective – 

Former Head of Security


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