Ana Maria Caballero is a Colombian writer living in Miami. In 2014, her book “Entre domingo y domingo” (“From Sunday to Sunday”) wonColombia’s José Manuel Arango National Poetry Prize and received second prize in the Ediciones Embalaje nationwide contestHer work has appeared in over twenty journals, including Smoking Glue Gun MagazineRed Savina Review, Jai-Alai Magazine, CutBank and The Potomac. She often writes about poetry for Zeteo Journal. Harvard University awarded her a magna cum laude Bachelor’s degree for spending four years reading the world’s best French, Spanish and Italian literature.  Madrid’s Complutense University offered her a scholarship to research her honors thesis work on café life in fin de siècle Paris and Barcelona, which she did, in situ.  Together with her husband, she is a proud parent to Lorenzo and Nina Isadora. Ana’s poems and book thoughts can be found at www.thedrugstorenotebook.co. Please contact her at anamariacaballero@gmail.com.




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